In past weekend, traditional Reba Corkovic tournament was held in Belgrade. We had a chance to see 4 best U15 teams from Belgrade playing against each other in three days of action. Partizan won the tournament, having 2 wins and 1 loss, Mega Bemax was second with same score, Red Star was third, and host team Vizura was last.

The MVP of the final game was Luka Divjak from Partizan, while the best scorer of the tournament was Ilija Milijasevic from the same team.

Top performers:

Ilija Milijasevic– #1 ranked player in ’04 generation played another tournament on level expected from him. Was the best scorer of the tournament averaging 30.3 points in 3 games. Offensively unguardable at this stage, great mixture of handles, high basketball IQ and decision making. Can finish with both hands, shot is improved, hits shots off the dribble and when spotted in rows. Natural leader, brings good decisions, has good court vision and ability to find open teammates. Handles pressure and doubleteams without problems. Did great job in D, guarded opponents best players with no major troubles, regardless their size advantage. Not the most athletic player, but proved it is not a problem neither at this point nor when playing with older guys. Showed why he is #1 ranked player once again on this tournament.

Luka Divjak– The most athletic player in his generation, with probably the strongest body. Fast grown wing plays with enourmous level of energy and aggresiveness on both ends. Very strong driver to the rim, goes mostly right side. Uses his good vertical leap and athleticism to finish in traffic. Not the most talented player, but subs it with tremendous level of effort and energy he gives to the team. Shot has a lot of room to be improved, but showed he can score some mid and close range looks. Great team player, does all the small stuff on the court. Good rebounder on both sides. Defensively, good both on and off the ball. Ranked #22 in ’04 generation.

Nikola Djurisic– Great sized forward from Mega Bemax is one of the best prospects in this generation. All around player, can play in and out equally good. Versatile scorer, solid on the low post, still not polished enough, but knows how to create advantage and score. Can dribble the ball, good perimeter driver, specially when goes stronger side. Shot is still improving, needs to work on shot mechanics, but scored couple of spot up threes and solid number of mid range off the dribble jumpers. Nice length and athletic abilities help him in finishing around the rim. Very mobile for his size, runs the floor well. #10 ranked player missed couple of layups on left side, but it is not a major problem. Defensively, doesn’t show high level of energy and will to play it, should improve it.

Luka Ivanjac– Undersized PG from Vizura led his team on this tournament. Very fast and quick with the ball in his hands. Aggressive driver to the hoop but forces sometimes inside without need. Has quick release on off the dribble shots. Shows good level of maturity at this point. Even though he lacks of size, has more than solid court vision and ability to throw flashy and no look passes. Shot is on pretty good level, but tends to take irrational and tough shots often. High energy player, plays good on ball defense. Ranked #21 at the moment.

Marko Krstic– Another forward with high potential in this generation. Has great size and length with solid athleticism, as well. Has ability to play in and out and to finish with both hands. Shot mechanics is nice, already great spot up and 3p shooter. Can drive to the hoop from perimeter, but not that good creator with the ball, overdribbles sometimes. Uses his size and length to finish inside the paint. Body is still developing, not that strong yet, but experience of playing with older guys is visible. Moves very fluidly on the court, very mobile for size he has, but has room to be faster without the ball. Solid rim protector in D, improved defensive awareness. Ranked #7 right now.

Notable underaged players:

’05 Lazar Gacic from KK Crvena Zvezda- Great sized forward had solid role playing with one year older players. Didn’t have big contribution to his team offense, but scored couple of inside shots. Body is far from developed, still lacks of strength and coordination. Solid mobility for his size, length and age. Missed couple of shots, but it will improve as he gains strength. Had good influence in team defense.

’05 Petar Avlijas from Mega Bemax- Underaged guard played a lot with the ball when he was on the court, regardless his age. Still very raw, had couple of turnovers and bad decisions, but shows no fear to try things. Scored few mid range jumpers. 3p shot is not there yet, but if he keeps working it will become a threat in coming years. Solid sized but lacks of athleticism and speed. Coordination should be better, too.