In the pause between first and second part of the season we did new rankings update which you can see on the link below:

Check out who are the most notable newcomers on our lists:


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Elite sized forward is having good freshman season so far at the IONA university. Ristanović is a stretch PF who can play in and out thanks to his versatile shooting skills, and ability to put the ball on the floor and drive from perimeter. Moves fluidly for his size, runs the floor well, good mobility, as well. Has room to work on his post skills and finishing.

Ranked #13.


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MIĆOVIĆ Ognjen- 6’2, PG, Borac Čačak

Mićović is a very creative PG who has high level of basketball IQ and playmaking skills. True leader of his team is currently leader of MVP race in Serbian U19 league with 23.7ppg and 7.3apg. Good PnR ball handler, reads the game very well. Solid shooter, hits mid range looks off the dribble in high percentages, improved 3p shot, too. Lack of size and athleticism could major issues for higher level. Recently signed first professional contract with Borac Čačak.

Ranked #19.

ILIĆ Aleksa- 6’9, PF, KK Zemun

Big guy who came back from Woodstock Academy this season to KK Zemun. Strong finisher in the paint with good level of post skills. Moves well on the court, regardless problems with body and weight he has. Has ability to face up his defender and to attack from perimeter. Solid shooter for his size. Has to work on his body and to lose weight in order to play on higher level.

Ranked #20.

JOVANOVIĆ Luka, 6’8, SF/SG, BC Dynamic

Versatile shooter came to Dynamic from KK Crvena Zvezda before start of this season. Jovanović is a scoring first guard, shot is his major strength, but can also drive aggressively from the perimeter. Above average athleticism helps him in finishing above the rim and to stand contact. Has 12.3ppg and 6 rebs per game so far in U19 league.

Ranked #28.



Borovićanin is leader of his team, even though he is a year younger than competition age. He is above average sized guard who can play as a primarly ball handler. Has high basketball IQ and solid feeling for the game, can create off the PnR. Uses his length to finish in traffic and around the rim. Shot is improving but is not there yet, long range could be better. Improved toughness and body strength, which were his major weaknesses, but still has room to work on both. Averages 10.8ppg, 5.8rpg and 2.5apg so far.

Ranked #32

RADOSAVLJEVIĆ Dušan, 6’8, SF, KK Crvena Zvezda

Radosavljevic is a well sized wing with nice athletic potential. Not the most creative ball handler, but can drive from perimeter and to finish in the paint vs weaker defenders. Has good close and mid range, but has to upgrade his long range and 3p shot. Able to play aggressive on ball defense. Body is still developing, lacks of strength in upper body at the moment.

Ranked #36.


ILIĆ Miloš, 6’9, PF/C, Mladost Čačak

The best newcomer in Serbian U17 league so far. Even though he played only 6 games, showed what is his capable of. Averages 20ppg and 13.8rpg right now. Ilić is a very mobile big who moves on the court fluidly and runs the floor well for his size. Has fine mixture of versatile low post skillset, soft touch around the rim and ability to finish with both hands. Nice shooting mechanics too, but at the moment struggles with percentages, which is not a major issue. Uses his advantages very well, has high level of basketball IQ. Solid rim protector, thanks to his athletic abilities.

Ranked #9.

BAČAREVIĆ Andrija, 6’3, SG, Radnički Kragujevac

Bačarević is an explossive all around guard. Can cover both SG and PG positions. Andrija has great first step, can finish strong to the hoop, but also to make mid range jumpers off the dribble. Long range shot has to be more consistent, but can develop into a good shoter in future. Body is solid for his position, but has room to get even better. Has 20.5ppg, 6rpg and 5.3apg.

Ranked #15

MEDAREVIĆ Vojin, 6’8, C, Mladost Veternik

Medarević is one of the best bigs in this season of U17 Serbian league. Has solid body, soft touch and jumper, also great coordination and footwork. Vojin has high potential but lack of experience at the moment is visible. Has to improve accuracy and to strengthen his body. Faster guards are making him slight problems on defensive end. Scores 12.3 ppg and grabs 9.8 rpg.

Ranked #18P

TOMIĆ Petar, 6’8 , PF, Sloga Kraljevo/Polet Ratina

Tomić is a 6’8 forward who can grow more in future. Plays as a C at the moment, because of his height but will play as a forward on higher level. Feels the game well, can stretch the floor. Good athletic abilities, has solid vertical leap, runs the floor well as a trailer, mobile for his size, still has room to work on footwork and coordination. Can hit shots when open, but it’s far from a main threat. Averages 11.5ppg and 5.8rpg in U17 league at the moment.

Ranked #31.


FORCAN Srećko, 6’8, C/PF, Igokea

Forcan is a great sized big who is 6’8 tall at the moment. Very mobile for his size and age, moves fluidly on the court, can outrun his opponents. Sure finisher around the rim, finishes with both hands equally good, dunks every ball when possible. Can drive from perimeter occasionally, has above average ball handling skills for his position. Body will get stronger when it fully develops in future.

Ranked #13.

MIROVIĆ Ljuban, 6’8, C, KK Vrbas

Mirović already plays senior basketball in 2nd division, even though he is just 15 years old. Has excellent size and level of mobility regardless his age. Runs the floor well, but lacks of coordination due to not yet fully developed body. Can score around the rim with both hands, has solid shot but doesn’t shoot too often. Feels the game very well. Uses his length and nice timing to protect the rim in defense.

Ranked #19.

ZIMONJIĆ Bogdan, 6’2, PG/SG, BKK Radnički

Zimonjić is a 6’2 late bloomer. Guard who has high potential for the future. Versatile offensive skillset, good mixture of ballhandling skills and driving abilities. Lacks of shot accuracy at the moment, but has nice shot mechanics. Very talented player, has good feeling for the game, still looking for his right role on the court. Body will need time to develop, will get stronger in future.

Ranked #31.


MILOVANOVIĆ Velibor, 6’7, SF, Buducnost Bijeljina

Milovanović is already elite sized wing/guard who is 6’7 tall and will grow more in future. Very mobile for his size, light and quick on his feet, runs the floor well with and without the ball. Late bloomer, body will need time to develop, lacks of strength and toughness at the moment. Has room to work on ball handling skills, but can finish with both hands. Defensively, aggressive on ball defender, can guard multiple positions.

Ranked #11

ZAGRADJANIN Bogdan, 6’7, PF, Partizan

Zagradjanin transferred to Partizan a month ago, so he hasn’t played for new team yet. He is already taller than majority of bigs at this stage and has potential to grow even more. Not a real fiveman, can play outside of the paint, has ability to put the ball on the floor and to penetrate from perimeter. Has solid jumper for a big guy, but it still needs work. Good rebounder on both ends. Body will get stronger when it develops in future.

Ranked #12.

Other notable newcomers:

’02 PETROVIĆ Luka, 6’6, SF/PF, KK Zemun, ranked #23

’02 GUŠIĆ Marko, 6’6, SG, Vizura, ranked #28

’02 ILIĆ Veljko, 6’9, C, Mladost Čačak, ranked #25

’02 CVETKOVIĆ Lav, 6’7, SF, Partizan, ranked #27

’02 KOVAČEVIĆ Miloš, 6’7, C/PF, Vizura, ranked #21

’02 ILIĆ Luka, 6’3, SG, Konstantin, ranked #32

’04 ĆURČIĆ Đorđe, 6’2, PG, Borac Čačak, ranked #13

’04 BAJRUŠEVIĆ Vuk, 6’4, SF, Mega Bemax, ranked #22

’04 VUDRAGOVIĆ Luka, 6’1, SG, Vizura, ranked #27

’04 ŠUPUT Milan, 6’5, SF/PF, Dunav Apatin, ranked #29