KK Crvena Zvezda is back to back U19 Serbian champion! They won games against Mladost Veternik in QF, Mega Bemax in SF and finally against Partizan in the final game of the tournament. Mega Bemax won third place thanks to win over Borac Čačak in Third place game.

Final Standings:
1) Crvena Zvezda
2) Partizan
3) Mega Bemax

Tournament MVP is Montengrian forward Bojan Tomašević

All Tournament Team:

Đorđe Pažin- Partizan 
Aleksandar Langović- Mega Bemax
Ognjen Mićović- Borac Čačak
Bojan Tomašević- Crvena Zvezda
Nemanja Popović- Crvena Zvezda

Tournament top performers:

Stevan Karapandžić-
6’3 PG from winning team- KK Crvena Zvezda had 3 very good games on this tournament. Averaged 12ppg, 5.3apg, 3.3rpg. Played with good motor and a lot of energy on both ends of the floor. Karapandžić was very efficient on offensive end, wasn’t taking too many shots, took only sure ones and scored majority of them from various positions. Played very smartly, was sure with the ball, didn’t have too many turnovers. Proved he is capable of being decent passer. Did good job in finding open shooters or bigs both off the drives and PnR situations. Even though he is average sized, showed no fear to finish through contact inside the paint. Had slight problem with FT percentages, regarding his position, specially in the SF game. Played aggressive defense on ball handlers, had almost 2 steals per game. Overall very good tournament for NT guard.

Nemanja Popović- 
This wasn’t the best ever tournament for 6’9 forward, but still he had some bright moments. Popović was a member of All Tournament Team. Averaged 11ppg and 4.3 rpg in 3 games. Has enormous length which he uses in good way to make advantage. Showed how versatile he is on the low post in few situations. Became more aggressive finisher inside, tried to dunk the ball couple of times. Shot was getting better in one part of the season, but looks like there is no improvement since then. Had some big misses from mid and long range. Had 0/7 3p shot in 3 games. Mobility, agility and coordination are unquestionable and another level comparing to bigs from other teams on this tournament. Improved his lateral quickness, can switch with guards and won’t get exposed that easily. Was active as a rim protector inside the paint, had 1.3 blocks per game.

Marko Pecarski-
The most experienced player on this tournament as this was his third U19 league Final tournament. Again he had excellent numbers, he was his team top scorer with 24.3ppg, had 12.3rpg as well. First thing that was visible with Pecarski is that he wasn’t giving his 100% effort on this stage. However, he proved once again that his talent, offensive versatility and feeling for the game is something unique. Even though he is not that agile, has great footwork on the low post, very soft touch, can finish with either hand, has very versatile skillset, able to score fadeaways, hooks, but also to face up his defenders and shoot mid and long range looks. Not so long and athletic but has great timing for rebounding and ability to push the ball with one or two dribbles to the frontcourt. Has major problems in defense, even on this level, didn’t show big wish to put some effort on defensive end.

Đorđe Pažin-
2001. Born shooter, who was member of All Tournament team, started off tournament pretty slow, having only 11pts in QF game. Thanks to great Semifinal and Final game, averaged 21.3ppg in the end. But also had 5apg which is not something very common for him. Played less with the ball than usually since Trifunović played most of the time as a primarly ball handler. However, 6’7 guard was a key player in Partizan’s win in semifinal game. Once again showed how good scorer he can be when he is in rhytm. Great shooter, has quick release and good footwork which helps him to shoot off the screens. Showed capability to drive a bit at this stage, and to take some off the dribble looks or runners. Still, perimeter shot is his offensive weapon number one, and, regardless game 1, he had some very good shooting percentages. Played solid defense on this tournament, managed to steal few balls, but mostly thanks to long arms. Thin frame and weak body is his issue for higher level.

Uroš Trifunović-
Second Partizan’s first team player, beside Pecarski, who went down to play U19 tournament to play with his age category. Just like Pažin, averaged 21.3ppg in 3 games along with 5rpg. Very well sized PG played whole year in KLS league for Mladost Zemun which gave him visible experince. Played with poise in his game when needed, used his high basketball IQ in right way. Great attacker off the PnR, can finish at the rim, stop to take a mid range jumper or to pass out to a third man or rolling big, Pecarski in most of the cases. Showed sights of improved shot motion and accuracy at first place in QF and SF. Wasn’t that sure hitter in the final game(1/6 3p shot). Trifunović still has room to work and quickness and athleticism, but he changes pace very well, specially when drives from perimeter. Has long first step which helps him blow by his defenders. On defensive end, didn’t give huge level of energy, but showed ability to switch with bigs thanks to his size.

Aleksandar Langović-
Mega’s athletic forward ended tournament with averages of 16.3ppg and 8.6rpg. Langović was part of All Tournament Team, as well. Proved himself as an aggressive finisher above the rim who mainly attacks left side. Has unreachable length which helps him in shooting left handed hooks or trying to go for a dunk. 6’9 forward played whole season for OKK Beograd in KLS so his improved toughness, specially in defense is visible. Looks better as a ball handler, but still not able to have more than 3,4 dribbles which is more than enough for a big guy. Took only two 3point shots throughout the tournament, which is something he does more often. Showed ability to face up and drive by slower bigs. Was very aggressive on rebounding part, went for every ball in the air. Good enough defender inside the paint for this level. Could be quicker on his feet so he can defend guards.

Luka Cerovina-
Another player from OKK Beograd who played on this tournament. Cerovina had 17ppg and 5.3apg. Played a lot as a primarly ball handler, showed improved creativity, specially off the PnR. His shot wasn’t really constant during this tournament, but scored some tough shots over defenders. Off the dribble mid range jumper is becoming more reliable. Can shoot off stepbacks and stepsides, too. 2000. born wing kept using his size advantage in proper way, good attacker when posts up smaller defenders. Drives almost every time to his stronger, left side, good length helps him to score in the paint over big guys. Defensively, can guard from 1 to 4, but needs work on agility and quickness.

Ognjen Mićović-
Lefty PG made it to the All Tournament team thanks to 23.3ppg he was averaging along with 7rpg and 5.6apg he had. Regular season MVP led his team throughout Final8 tournament as much as it was possible. Scored 37 pts in Semifinal game vs Partizan. Mićović proved that he is really smart player with high basketball IQ who can create equally well for himself and his teammates. Even though he is left handed he can score runners, floaters and layups with weak hand. Not afraid of finishing in contact despite the fact he is undersized and not really athletic. Great PnR ball handler who likes to split the defense when attacks on ball screens. ’00 guard had major problems with shot percentages on this tournament, had only 5/32 3p shot FG in 3 games. Regardless shot struggles, he did everything else for his team on the court. 6’2 PG has great court vision and flashy passing abilities. Not that quick but fluid pace changer.

Srđan Krsmanović-
Great sized big was second top scorer of his team with 18.3ppg, but top rebounder with 9.3rpg. Standing at 6’10, he is really hard to be guarded on U19 level. Not so polished low post player, but still able to create position for himself to score. Rolls well off the PnR and uses passes of his teammates very efficiently. Scored a lot of points after offensive rebounds and tip ins. Shot motion has problems, but didn’t show big issues as a FT shooter. Doesn’t take game shots. Defensive wise, he is good paint protector, mostly thanks to size and long arms he has. Krsmanović is not elite mobile, but runs the floor well enough and moves fluidly.

Notable mentions:
Matija Tutunović- ’01, SG, Borac Čačak
Lazar Stefanović- ’02, SG, Partizan
Lazar Vasić- ’01, PG, Crvena Zvezda
Novak Perović- ’01, SF, BEKO