Final eight tournament of Serbian U17 league starts on 3rd May in Belgrade. Top 8 teams from regular season advanced to the final tournament and will play for the title.

Quarterfinal pairs:
Mega Bemax- Mladost Veternik
Partizan- Radnicki 1950
Crvena Zvezda- Konstantin
Vizura- Mladost Čačak

Check out our thoughts on players to watch on this stage:

Manojlović Nikola- ’02, SG, 6’6

– Well sized guard is one of the top prospects of his generation. Played for both U19 and U17 teams of Crvena Zvezda. This season in U17 league he averaged 16.2ppg, 7.5rpg, 5.7apg and 2.2spg. Nikola is great all around player. Can drive strong to the hoop on both sides. Has very long first step, changes pace fluidly when drives to the rim. Likes physical game, can finish through contact without problems. Good shooter from mid and long range, slightly better when shoots off the catch then off the dribble. Smart decision maker, has high basketball IQ and ability to use his advantages. Good passer. Above average rebounder for his size and position thanks to his long arms and timing for grabbing rebounds. He is  good one on one defender, can guard both guards and forwards. Has room to work on his athletic abilities.


TARLAĆ Luka- ’02, SF, 6’8

– Probably the best long term prospect in ’02 generation. Tarlać had really good numbers in 11 games he played in U17 Serbian league where he averaged 16.5ppg and 8rpg. Luka is well sized, explossive and very athletic wing who can drive both sides. Has very long first step which helps him blow by defenders. Mostly using his stronger, right hand. Perimeter shot is major offensive issue at the moment. He was very inconsistent from outside of 3p line this season, but it looks like he can develop his shot and make it his great offensive weapon. 6’8 wing is an excellent transition player, able to dunk hard after good defensive play. Good defender both on and off the ball. Uses his long arms to steal balls and block shots. Has to improve shot consistency, and ball handling.


STEFANOVIĆ Lazar- ’02, SG, 6’5

– Played most of the season with older guys in U19 league. In 6 games he played in U17 Serbian league he averaged 15.5ppg and 6rpg. Lazar is shifty guard who can play as a primarly ball handler if needed. 6’5 guard has very high basketball IQ and feeling for the game. Sure with the ball in his hands. Versatile scorer. Aggressive driver with quick first step, able to drive both sides. Not afraid to finish through contact with either hand. Solid shooter, specially off the dribble after PnR. Had troubles with 3p shot this year. Has good motor. Plays with a lot of energy on both ends. Athletic enough for this level, very quick and light on his feet.


ANDRIĆ MARKO- ’02, PG, 6’2

– NT point guard and captain of Mega Bemax U17 team. Had really good season, averaging 15.3ppg and 5.6apg. Marko an early bloomer who is very explossive with good body strength. Smart ballhandler, doesn’t complicate, has no tends to overdribble. Has aggressive first step and ability to finish with both hands on the rim. 6’2 PG can make position for himself to score. Improved his mid range shot and became really reliable hitter around free throw line. Shot overall has problems, bad motion and release, can’t score long range looks. Great in transition, runs the floor well with the ball in his hands. Andric is good on both ends of the floor. Can lockdown ballhandlers in defense.



– One of the most talented bigs in this generation had a really constant season, averaging 16.3ppg, 7.4 rpg and 1.8bpg. Had non single digit point game this year. He is very well sized big, standing at 6’11 with proper length. Mihailo has very good footwork and coordination for his size, but it looks like it still has room for development. Lacks of body strength and mobility. Shies away from contact game. Has really thin frame, too. Has above average level of post skillset and really soft touch. He is able to make hook and baby hook shots, and also mid range jumpshots off the catch. Looks like he can improve his 3p shot, which will make him able to stretch the defense. Solid shot blocker, thanks to his size. Has problems in guarding stronger bigs.



– Best scorer of the U17 Serbian league who was averaging 23.4ppg, along with 4.3apg. Stefan is well sized guard, standing at 6’7 already. Pure scorer, who can make shot for himself any time he wants- Very versatille attacker, but his shot is his major strenght. Great shooter off the catch, but also able to score off the dribble and coming off the screens. Can drive, mostly to the right. Has good body control and ability to adapt body and finish with stronger hand when finishing inside the paint. Thanks to his size, has ability to post up smaller guards. Despite tremendeous shooting ability he has, shot selection can be a problem from time to time. Not that aggressive defender. Lacks of athleticism, could be much faster.


GUŠIĆ MARKO- ’02, SF, 6’6

– Above average sized guard/wing had solid all around season averaging 13.7ppg, 5.3rpg and 3.6apg. Good ball handler, not that flashy but very sure with the ball in his hands. Can drive both sides, uses his size and length to adapt body and finish inside the paint. Still very inconsistent shooter, specially from long range, but looks like he can become solid shooter in future. Has room to be faster and to improve his footwork. Improved his body, specially upper part, got stronger.


ILIĆ MILOŠ- ’02, C, 6’9

– One of the biggest surprises this season, proved himself to be one of the bigs with biggest potential in his age category. He averaged 16.1ppg and 12.1rpg. Raw talent, still hasn’t developed post game, but is able to score in the paint using baby hook shots with either hand. Can score after assist, and after offensive rebound just by tipping it or dunking the ball. Great footwork and coordination for his size. Still could be more mobile. Runs the floor well as a trailer. Has solid mid range shot, proved he can shoot the ball but still has to be more constant behind the arc. Body is not strong enough at the moment, can’t stand contact that easily. Has problem with defending stronger opponents.


ILIĆ LUKA- ’02, SG, 6’3

– Top scorer of Konstantin, had really impressive year where he averaged 22.6ppg, adding 5.7rpg, 3.8apg and 2.9spg. Luka is well sized guard with good level of speed and explossiveness which are his biggest strengths is transition game. He can drive aggressively to the rim, mostly on his stronger right side. Able to hit mid range looks off the dribble, still has room to become better long ranghe shooter. Shot selection is a problem occasionally. Skinny, and even though he doesn’t look weak, he can have a problem guarding stronger defenders. Has to improve one on one defense.



– One of the best players in Sports World team this year. Vojin averaged 10.2ppg and 10.3rpg. Big with nice level of post skillset who can make scoring position for himself. Still has a lot room to improve. Good offensive rebounder, often on right place to tip in his teammates misses. Doesn’t take responsibility when needed. Lacks of offensive awareness. Shies away from contact usualy, doesn’t like to play tough.



– Proved himself to be one of the best PG in the league, averaging 18.2ppg and also adding 5.6apg (3rd most in the league), 5.8rpg and 2.6spg. Andrija is an explossive and fast guard, who can drive and shoot the ball equally well. Can finish inside mostly with his stronger hand. Good mid range shooter specially off the dribble. Good decision maker with high basketball IQ. Has skinny body, but even though he doesn’t look strong, likes physical game. Good defender, able to play aggressive full court press on ball handlers. Average sized, questionable is how much he can grow up in future.


Other notable players:

Luka Kovačević- ’02, C, 6’9, Partizan
Dušan Milkovski- ’02, SF, 6’5, Mladost Veternik
Goran Bijelić- ’02, SG, 6’3, Mladost Veternik
Nemanja Obućina- ’02, SF, 6’5, Mladost Čačak