Serbian U15 final eight tournament was played from 10th until 12th May. After three days of very competitive action in Belgrade, Partizan is new Serbian U15 champion. Zemun ended up second, Banjica Mega was third.

Tournament top scorer was Jovan Filipović from KK Zemun.

Ilija Milijašević was the MVP of the tournament.

Top performers:

  • Ilija Milijašević- ’04, PG, Partizan

Tournament MVP and leader of gold winning team- Partizan. 6’1 PG averaged 21.3ppg, 8apg and 7.6rpg. Go to guy that made his team look different with and without him on the court. Looked very mature, controlled the game,  played with poise and high level of awareness on both ends. As we have said it in preview of the tournament, offensivelly he is unguardable at this stage and he proved it once again. Very smart and flashy ball handler, has long first step, creative finisher inside the paint with both hands. Can shoot off the catch and dribble. Become even more reliable mid range hitter off the dribble. All the teams tried to double team him, but he showed no troubles solving double teams and pressures. He is very efficient in transition game. Able to push the ball right after grabbing rebound and finish all alone in fast break, but also to dish outlet pass to teammates in front of him. Very creative and accurate passer, has great timing for passing the ball. Had slight problems with 3p shot on this tournament.

  • Luka Divjak- ’04, SF, Partizan

Pre mature forward had a decisive role for his team on this tournament. Had 16.6ppg and 7.6rpg in 3 games. Divjak played with tireless motor and enormous level of energy on both ends, as he usually does. Body wise he looks older than other players at this stage. Can finish through contact very easily because of that. Athletically very dominant as well. Not really talented, but uses his athletic abilities very well to blow by his defenders and finish at the rim. Drives and finishes only with stronger, right hand, barely with his left. Has very long first step. Can dribble the ball, but not the most creative with the ball. Very active on rebounding part, goes for every ball in the air. Aggressive defender, can guard equally well inside and outside on this level. Played very important role in the final game, used his athletic and physical advantages to score points in rows. Needs work on left hand finishing and outside shot.

  • Jovan Filipović- ’04, SG, Zemun

Tournament top scorer averaging 27 ppg in 3 games, along with 7rpg. Filipović is an early bloomer with already pretty strong upper body. Led his team to big wins in QF and SF, played final game with a leg injury. Still managed to score 25pts in the final. Used his above average physical tools to score points off the right hand drives. Plays through contact with no problems. Can score mid and long range shots, but shot mechanics could be better. Able to play as a primary ball handler when needed, but usually played without the ball. Showed ability to score coming off the screens. Played with high level energy, even when got injured. Very good defender, locked down ball handlers when pressed them. Future development is questionable, looks already developed.

  • Momir Tonić- ’04, PG, Zemun

All around PG ended tournament up with 18.6ppg and 5.6apg. Tonić led his team to a place in the final game, alongside Filipović. Poised player who has great playmaking skills. Very mart decision maker, good team player, does everything his team needs. Not a scorer primary, but able to score points in various ways. Skilled ball handler who can drive and finish both ways. Since he is average sized and not that athletic, was ending up his drives usually with floaters which he scores very efficiently even with weaker hand. Shot has low release, still, but very good arc and rotation. Scored few important shots from downtown for his team. Not so flashy, but very creative and intelligent passer. Able to find open shooters and big guys inside. Showed no problems dealing with presses, traps and double teams. Solid defender, rotates well off the helpside.

  • Nikola Đurišić- ’04, PF, Banjica Mega

Captain of third placed Banjica Mega averaged 24ppg, 12.3rpg and 7.3apg on this tournament. Had triple double performance in QF game vs Crvena Zvezda with 25 pts, 20 rebs(18 offensive) and 13 assists. Very well sized forward showed again how versatile he is with ability to score equally well from inside and outside. Even though he struggled with shot percentages on this tournament, showed ability to score off the dribble mid range shots and some long range looks. Very creative finisher inside, has great footwork and ability to score with both hands. Was very active on rebounding part on both ends. Has solid vertical and good timing. Improved defensive awareness, but still had bad defensive moments. Improved ball handling skills, can drive both sides from perimeter, has very long first step. Đurišić is an mobile forward who can run the floor well with and without the ball. Got even faster in past few months. Body strength is on solid level but will be better when it fully develops.


Other notable players:

Dušan Šviković- ’04, C, Zemun
Nemanja Šarenac- ’04, SG, Partizan
Đorđe Ćurčić- ’04, SG, Borac Čačak
Sergej Jeremić- ’04, PG, Banjica Mega