New update of our ranking lists is here.

Since the season is over in majority of the youth leagues around the world we took time to work on updating rankings.

Check our new ranking lists here:


The most notable newcomers:

  • Đorđe Đorđević- ’01, 6’5, SG, Dynamic
    Đorđević is a well sized guard/wing from Belgrade team Dynamic. Very athletic player who plays with tireless motor and high level of energy. Can drive both sides, has very long first step, and finish through contact thanks to his tough body. Shot can be a threat when catches fire, but it is still thing in process. Has occasionally problems with decision making. Aggressive defender. Got invitation for Serbian U18 NT preliminary roster. Ranked #18
  • Nikola Radovanović ’01, 6’3, SG, Mladost Čačak
    Another athletic wing from this year’s edition of Serbian U19 league. Radovanović was one of the leaders of his team through out whole season. Great finisher in transition and in contact mostly because of his above average athletic possibilities. Not a polished ball handler, but able to attack from perimeter with one or two dribbles. Perimeter shot needs work. Was top scorer of his team this year. Ranked #24 in our new rankings.
  • Tristan Vukčević’03, 6’9, PF, Real Madrid
    One of the biggest long term prospects. He finally got Serbian passport and took well deserved #1 spot on our ranking. His biggest asset, beside enormous size, is ability to plas even as a wing thanks to improved coordination, mobility and smooth, accurate shot he has. Still needs a lot of work on his lanky body. Lacks of strength playing against any kind of bigs. Has nice athletic predispositions, runs the floor well, pretty light off his feet regarding size he has. Able to dribble the ball, as well, but still far from flashy ballhandler.
  • Nikola Jesić’03, 6’3, PG, Budućnost Bijeljina
    Jesić is an above average sized PG from Budućnost. Real PG, good at organising the game and controlling the tempo. Sees everything on the court, already very creative and reliable passer. Has quick release and nice shot motion, but doesn’t shoot that often. Prefers to share the ball rather than scoring. Body will take time to develop. At the moment, lacks of athleticism and quickness. Ranked #8 in 2003. generation ranking.
  • Miloš Aranđelović ’04, 6’4, SF, Nibak
    Aranđelović is already great sized wing tremendeous wingspan and athletic potential. Already very mobile for his size and length. Still a raw prospect in terms of basketball skillset, but very creative and quick thinking type of player. Can dribble the ball down the court and to attack from perimeter. Still doesn’t feel that comfortable finishing in contact. Lacks of body strength. Doesn’t shoot that much from perimeter, prefers to shoot around the paint and from the FT line. Has room to improve defensive impact. Will grow much more in future. Sits on #16 spot in our 2004. ranking list.

Other notable newcomers:

  • Matija Dragićević- ’00, PG, Mladost Čačak
  • Luka Novaković- ’01, SF, Partizan
  • Nikola Šaranović- ’03, SF, Crvena Zvezda
  • Matija Gledić- ’03, PF, Radnički KG
  • Sergej Jeremić- ’04, PG, Mega Bemax
  • Jovan Filipović- ’04, SF, Zemun
  • Marko Đorđević- ’04, SF, Foka
  • Uroš Vidosavljević- ’04, PF, Foka
  • Aleksandar Mitrović- ’04, PF, Beovuk
  • Uroš Stanković- ’04, C, Trijumf