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3 KRSTIĆ Marko

Small forward
Current Team
3 KRSTIĆ Marko, KK Vizura

Marko is younger brother of Serbian NT player Nemanja Krstić. He is one of the players with highest potential in his generation. Already great sized wing, has very good athletic abilities, can defend multiple positions. Well coordinated, can run the floor with and without the ball. Good mid and long range shooter, solid driver to the hoop. Has to work on weaker hand.



  • size and length
  • athletic predispositions
  • straight line drives, right side specially
  • perimeter shot


  • lacks of body strength at the moment
  • not using both hands equally
  • shot selection and decision making could be better

Reba Corkovic U15 Tournament 2018 top performers:

Marko Krstic– Another forward with high potential in this generation. Has great size and length with solid athleticism, as well. Has ability to play in and out and to finish with both hands. Shot mechanics is nice, already great spot up and 3p shooter. Can drive to the hoop from perimeter, but not that good creator with the ball, overdribbles sometimes. Uses his size and length to finish inside the paint. Body is still developing, not that strong yet, but experience of playing with older guys is visible. Moves very fluidly on the court, very mobile for size he has, but has room to be faster without the ball. Solid rim protector in D, improved defensive awareness. Ranked #7 right now.